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HVAC Tips for Winter Season

By John Amigo / in , /

The cold temperatures are around the corner, and your HVAC system will need the proper care before this holiday season. Keeping it safe and covered, along with other measures, will prevent it from malfunctioning or failing. Here we give you 5 key tips to help you out before winter. Keep reading. 

4 Useful Tips to Prepare Your HVAC 

  • Keep It Clean

Your HVAC system depends on a filter to work properly; therefore, cleaning this filter monthly and replacing it regularly during the winter months is critical. Dust and dirt in the filter make the system work harder to do its job – costing you more in energy costs. Otherwise, you'll run into problems during the winter.

  • Prepare The Area

Prepare your HVAC for the winter ahead by filling in gaps in your doors and windows to help the system do its job more efficiently. Consider weather-stripping and caulking to further conserve energy that could escape from the home.

  • Invest In A Programmable Thermostat

Keep costs down by setting up a custom programmable thermostat for your HVAC system. This prevents constant fluctuation and temperature fiddling that could be costing you money, month after month. 

A programmable thermostat provides you the option to find the perfect temperature for your personal preferences, set it and forget it. Plus, utility costs are lower than when you constantly adjust the thermostat.

  • Replace Your Old Air Filters

If your air filter is dirty, you will need to clean it or replace it with a new one. A dirty air filter introduces contaminants into the air and blocks the passage of warm air, which is inconvenient in cold weather. 

Get an HVAC Inspection With Brighton Air Corporation 

Now is the perfect time to get an HVAC inspection and make sure your unit is working properly. Brighton Air Corporation offers humidification services among maintenance services so you can be comfortable indoors. Our decades of experience make us the best HVAC repair company in Cranford, NJ. Contact us today!


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