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3 Tips to Reduce AC Noise

By John Amigo /

We know how ANNOYING a current noise or click in the middle of the night can be when you are sleeping or watching a movie and hearing noises coming from your A/C unit. If you are reading this blog, then it means you are looking for the answers and tricks to reduce or eliminate noise. Besides bothering you, the noise indicates something is malfunctioning in your unit and needs a fix soon. 

Be Aware Of the Possible Causes 

  • The newer air conditioner models are always quieter than the older versions due to the produced new technology.
  • If the compressor’s sound is coming, you will need to replace it because it has worn out.
  • Your air conditioner could have dirty fans because it has accumulated a lot of dirt. Look into cleaning the fan of your air conditioner and see if that helps with the Noise.
  • The air conditioner’s age. An 11-year-old air conditioner is an example of an air conditioner that is too old to be repaired and should be replaced.

Say Goodbye to Noisy Air Conditioning

Tip #1 – Fencing Can Reduce 50% of the Noise

Try installing a fence in front of or around the air conditioner. This will create a sound barrier and trap the movement of the air conditioner. You can use plywood to fence off the air conditioner or purchase an air conditioner fence. 

*Remember to keep the fence at least three feet away from the air conditioner to allow adequate airflow. For best noise reduction, try not to leave gaps between the fence boards. 

Tip #2 – Install Noise Barriers 

Barriers can use similar tactics to traffic noise reduction on your property to reduce air conditioning noise. Plant sound-absorbing vegetation that acts as a buffer and blocks or limits sound waves traveling between your unit and residence. 

Tactfully placed wood fences can also be effective, as wood absorbs and blocks sound. All barriers must be higher than the unit to be an effective sound barrier. 

Tip #3 – Hired a Professional ASAP

Some HVAC system noises can be due to clogs, damage, or components not operating at their optimal capacity. Preventing these kinds of disruptions with regular air conditioner maintenance, including cleaning out seasonal debris, changing filters, cleaning drains, and updating your unit. The best way to do it is by hiring a professional and doing the best job. 

Brighton Air Corporation Fix or Replace Loud A/C Units 

Depending on the issue you’re facing, we provide you the best HVAC maintenance for your unit; forget about loud and annoying noises. Preventative maintenance will save you money and patience. Trust our team of experts and obtain quality results. Brighton Air Corporation, the best HVAC repair company near you. 

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