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Should I Use a Dehumidifier During Winter?

By John Amigo / in , /

The question of using dehumidifiers during the winter is a common one, as they are indispensable for removing unwanted moisture from your home, especially in humid seasons such as winter. The purpose of dehumidifiers is to alleviate allergies and respiratory problems and improve indoor air quality. 

When used properly, they can prevent damage to your home by preventing mold and mildew buildup over the long term. However, it will depend on different factors to use a dehumidifier. This article has put together some key tips that you should consider before using them in your home. 

Check These 3 Variables INTO ACCOUNT

The short answer is not a simple no or yes. At times, a dehumidifier can be essential in the winter, and at other times, totally pointless. It all depends on several specific factors in your home and the room in which you plan to use it. Keep reading to know which ones:

  • Temperature Check-up

At certain temperatures, the heating coils will freeze and start to operate in automatic de-icing mode. The dehumidifier will cease to operate at very low temperatures and make the opposite effect you're looking for. If you need to dehumidify your space, be sure to start the heater at temperatures above 40°F. For the best result, try temperatures around 60°F and above.

  • Checking Humidity Levels

It is vital to check your home for high humidity. If the indoor relative humidity in your space is above 55%, a dehumidifier is necessary to prevent allergens such as dust mites that can harm your health from growing. With these parameters, you will know when to use your dehumidifier in winter:

  • Below 30%: Do not use a dehumidifier. Use a humidifier instead.

  • Above 35% to 55%: You can use your dehumidifier. 

  • Above 55%: Use the dehumidifier.

  • Depends On The Climate In Your Region

If you live in very cold areas, you've no reason to use a dehumidifier. The purpose of a dehumidifier is to remove or extract humidity from the air. To do this, they hold the dampness inside their heating coils and then release it into a closed system. If you use one below-freezing temperature, the coils will eventually freeze, and the machine will stop working. 

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