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DIY: How to Properly Clean Air Vents

By John Amigo /

Particles of dust, hair, dirt, spider webs, and more can get stuck on your air ducts over time. By cleaning your air vents, you ensure your home’s cleanness and equipment lifespan. When summer comes to New Jersey, the last thing you’d want is to have your ducts failing. We get that, so don’t worry.

At Brighton Air Corporation, we offer HVAC maintenance and 24/7 assistance services for your heating and cooling systems, trust our HVAC specialists and save money.

Tips to Clean Air Vents by Yourself 

What you would need:

  • Furnace filter

Once you’re done cleaning, this would be a must.

  • Vacuum cleaner

The one you may have at home won’t do all the work, so we suggest renting one with a long hose.

  • Brush

You will need one like toilet brushes, but a stiff-bristled paintbrush is a cheaper option that’d do the job if you don’t own one.

  • Screwdriver 

With this, just make sure it fits the fasteners right.

  • Paper towels 

To cover up the registers!

Clear the Air Vents in 9 Steps

  1. Let’s Cover the Supply Register with the paper towel

You have to do this in order to keep the dust from drifting around the room while you’re working. Just lift the register, wrap it with the towels and replace it. 

  1. Now Turn On the Fan

Having the fan running while you’re working helps the loosen dust to move. Set the option “Fan on” and shut off the “heat/cool” mode so just the fan is running. 

  1. Check the Filter

Look if your old furnace filter is in place, so any loose dust doesn’t end up dragged into the fan motor.

  1. Shake Off the Dust in Ducts

Get rid of any buildup of dust in the duct you’re working on. Take your brush and tap on any accessible duct work you have. 

  1. Clean the Supply Register With The Vacuum

Now you can sweep away the dust in the supply registers. With the vacuum on, place the end of the hose near the register and lift it. Use the hose to get any dust that the fan throws and sweep it as far as possible into the register’s piping. Use the brush again to sweep loose dust and any built-up in the register. 

  1. Clean the Return Air Registers

Clean up your return air registers. Again, brush and sweep as far as possible into the register piping or cavity.

  1. Shut Off the Fan and Furnace

Shut off the fan at the thermostat and the furnace via the service switch. 

  1. Clean Out Blower Compartment and Return Air Boot

Once you do step 7, you can remove the panels on the front of the furnace; this will give you access to the blower compartment. Take your vacuum and sweep up the dust built up, you may see a big bulk of dust in that area. 

  1. Replace Furnace Filter

Always consider buying a better filter, but a better filter means you’d have to change it more often. It depends on your home environment and location how often you should change them.

Last But Not Least, You Can Get a Brighton Air Corporation Expert to Do it For You 

We are the best option in NJ when it comes to offering HVAC maintenance. Our NATE certificated contractors are capable and able to help you get ready and we guarantee that your HVAC system will be working at maximum efficiency. We provide our customers with routine maintenance at no additional cost.

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