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A water heater repair might be able to solve your problem. Still, a new water heater installation will ensure that this never happens again. Brighton Air Corp in Summit, NJ, offers various services related to installing a hot water system, including repairing and replacing units.

In addition to our installation services, we also offer a blog on water heater repair. However, our professional technicians can complete the repairs for you in about half the time to fix the system yourself. You can enjoy the calm and warmth of your home without any worries with Brighton Air Corporation’s heating services, provided with the fastest and most efficient staff in New Jersey.


Invest In A New Heating Water Heater With Us

There are more than ten reasons why installing a brand new water heater is more beneficial to you; here we give you the ones you need to know:

#1: Increase Efficiency and Reduce Energy Bills

A new water heater can help reduce your energy bills. An older unit that is inefficient wastes a lot of energy and money, while newer units are more efficient and use less electricity on average. 

According to the US Department of Energy, it costs about $5 per month to operate a 50-gallon water heater that is 12 years old and about $40 for a water heater that is only 9 years old. These savings can add up over time.

#2: Increase the Longevity of Plumbing Components

Older homes often have metal, galvanized water piping. This piping can corrode over time and cause pinhole leaks that aren’t immediately visible. This means that a small drip each day can end up costing you a lot of money over a while. 

Replacing older plumbing components with new materials can help prevent corrosion and extend the life of your water heater and other plumbing components.

#3: Prevent Commercial Losses

Replacing an old water heater with a new unit can help prevent commercial losses, such as spoiled food due to lack of hot water for washing dishes or closing a business temporarily if there is no working hot water.

At Brighton Air Corporation, Our Services Include 

Water Heating Installation

Is there anything more relaxing than a nice afternoon spent in the living room, with hot air for a pleasant atmosphere? We’ve got you covered.

Heating Repair

All year, all day, and all night, our experts at Brighton Air Corp can assist you with your heating requirements. Our professionals are ready and able to help you. 

Heating Repair Experts at Your Service 

At Brighton Air Corporation, we seek to provide the greatest New Jersey water heater installation possible for our clients, treating them as family and their house as ours. We maintain a clean working environment by respecting the space and appreciating their confidence in us. Receive a FREE estimate TODAY.